Setting Up an eCommerce Site

If you are planning to launch an e-store, choosing the right platform is important. There are hundreds of solutions available that will puzzle and confuse. They offer free shopping cart system and paid e-commerce software that charge for getting and keeping shop online. Some apps offer valuable features for free.


Magento is the best and open source eCommerce solution that is absolutely free. Another great thing is that it’s open source and allows adding your own code to improve it the way you want. It upgrades easily without compromising over your customizations. There are plugins and extensions that enhance Magento installation like WordPress. It has a comprehensive theming system including custom themes for your eCommerce site. Downloadable goodies support is another benefit.

To set it up follow the instructions mentioned below:

Download Magento

Setting Up an eCommerce Site The first step is to download Magento from its official website.

Two versions are available here. One of them is the online and the other is complete setup. Download the full package to work smoothly even if network signals are weak or absent.

There is another option given on the page which is about downloading sample data. It’s like sample text to fill an e-shop. You are making an original store, so no need to download it.

Once magento is downloaded, it’s time to move on.

Install Magento

Now comes the installation step. The latest stable version supports PHP 5.2 that is installed on most servers. Some web servers have a one-click install option.

For the purpose of learning, install it on localhost with Xampp. Use Xampp 1.7.0 or 1.7.1 for easy Magento installation. If you have a latest Xampp version, you will need to manually install PHP 5.2 to run Magento. It will guide how to install it on Xampp 1.7.0 or 1.7.1. To download older versions of Xampp, go its official source code repository. Download Xampp

After completing the installation, go to Xampp directory which is c:\xampp. The two directories, C:\xampp\php and C:\xampp\apache\bin include php.ini file. It’s the configuration file for PHP language.

[sourcecode language=’php’]
Line 582: ;extension=php_curl.dll
Line 622: ;extension=php_mcrypt_filter.dll
Line 624: ;extension=php_mhash.dll

You can uncomment the above code by removing semi-colon, the first character in each code line.

Replace libmysql.dll contained in xampp because it can crash apache server during installation of Magento. Download a better version available online. It is also inside the MySQL server downloads present in After downloading, replace it with existing libmysql.dll in C:\xampp\php and C:\xampp\apache\bin.

The last step is to change some lines of code in Magento files to disable a few checks. It’s compulsory to log in on localhost. Go to Magento folder. Point to line 78. Comment line 81, 82 and 83 to disable cookies. There is a difference between original and edited file.

Magento is ready to run on localhost. It’s time to make MySQL database in phpmyadmin as Magento uses MySQL to store its data.

Run the setup and accept terms and conditions. Click continue tab on all menus as it moves on until it finishes.

Following installation of Magento you need to setup your site which can require a lot of knowledge of the platform and time. Either you can do this yourself or find a Magento agency to make the site for you.


Simple Marketing Tips For Startup Companies

Although we call them “small” companies, running your little business is no little task. Compared to bigger organizations, little enterprise have a much smaller edge for error when it comes to marketing projects – when a advertising campaign is not able, bigger organizations tremble their heads, create improvements, and move on but for little companies, a big failure could mean the end of the organization. Here are some excellent marketing suggestions to help your marketing efforts stay efficient and your organization stay aggressive.

Better Use of Data

Simple Marketing Tips For Startup CompaniesData about your focus on market is important to little companies. This kind of details allows entrepreneurs and marketers to identify the kinds of people who are most likely to do organization with them and buy their items and/or solutions. Knowing your focus on market can also help you to better customize and focus your marketing messages to those kinds of clients. If it is in the budget, hiring a professional details team can really help your little business create the most out of these details.

Use E-mail More Effectively

Email can be a powerful tool when it comes to interacting with your current clients. E-mails are an excellent opportunity to connect with clients and provide them details on improvements, cross-selling opportunities, and additional sales or deals your organization may be offering. Using email is a fantastic, non-evasive way to keep in touch to those clients who already know your organization and your product. You can even take marketing via email a step further by breaking down your contact list into groups by sections such as buy history, age group, regional place, and other essential details points.

Use Shareable Material to Increase Your Reach

Consumers love to discuss, and social networking has made it simpler than ever for clients to discuss things they like or hate on the internet. Known as “content marketing,” creating on the internet content that is informative and significant to your focus on market is a fantastic way to achieve more clients and raise more identification around your organization and your product. This details is most efficient when published on your organization’s web page but can also be shared on sites like YouTube and Facebook for simpler access.

Consider Compensated Look for to Increase Visibility

Driving traffic to your web page is always a significant part of selling your organization. One way to do this is to use a paid search to ensure your organization’s web page will appear when clients search the kinds of items or solutions you provide. For example, should a consumer search “pet groomers in Harrisburg, PA” and you own a pet self-care organization in or around that place, your organization’s web page will appear at the very top of looking outcomes. The closer your companies weblink appears to the top of looking outcomes, the more likely it is that clients will follow that weblink to your site.

Small Business And How To Market It

Promotion your little company is an essential responsibility along with the day-to-day operation of your business. You must strategy your marketing projects just as you strategy your daily work activity. Effective marketing is a tool to help targeted traffic your company continually.

Here are some tips for marketing your little company for increased revenue and profit:

1. Enhance your website

Small Business And How To Market ItInclude an invites to your web page on all your other ads. This contains receipts, purchase forms, marketing signs, catalogues, and press announcements. You can also consist of your web address in your email trademark. Additionally, consist of it in your letterhead, covers, company post cards, and send (fax) cover sheets.

2. Utilize public press effectively

21st Century marketing certainly means being public online. However, you must effectively present your company and its items and solutions via public routes. Your release to your company must display that you have solutions for your target markets concerns.

Make your release brief and clear. In a few words explain what you do, who you do it for, and what benefits you provide. It’s that simple – sum up what your company is briefly and precisely.

3. Take part in off-line marketing

There’s still something positive about traditional off-line marketing. It’s provided companies well for hundreds of years and continues to so. This runs the scale from face-to-face discussion, to mail, to paper and radio ads, to brochures to homes and other companies, and cards.

4. Industry via business shows

Use business exhibitions to present prospective clients and providers to your company. Top quality reveals that attract huge viewers can produce you significant exposure. Trade reveals are all about telling, showing, promoting, indicating items and solutions, and of course, selling.

Make sure to investigate the price of a particular display you’re interested in. Some can be expensive. Consequently, you must budget appropriately for one and do a cost-benefit analysis to ensure you reap a proper revenue (ROI) from the occasion.

5. Send out press releases

Press produces are a useful way to advertise your company. You can put them on your web page and then to press programs. Furthermore, consist of these produces on your public press sites.

A news release is a way to inform about improvements at your business that are beneficial to your customers. A excellent one contains accurate facts and information. They are simply and clearly written. They can emphasize new items and solutions from your company. They can emphasize quality employees – their success and job promotions as they affect your client base and their needs.

6. Perform personal networking

Good old face-to-face social networking still ‘works.’ Be ready to advertise your company anytime as is appropriate. This can be at conventions and at community, social, sports and company activities, among others. Just check to create sure it’s fitting to interact with in company conversations at certain activities. Sometimes marketing activities are looked down upon depending on the purpose and the weather of a particular occasion.

Strategies Involving E-mail Marketing

Planning and releasing a successful e-commerce company is truly a very challenging task, which is not as easy as some individuals understand it to be because it requires quite a variety of information, steps, and lots of strategizing and of course, the perfect timing. But, with the appearance of the net, setting up an e-commerce website is probably the most beneficial strategy to start getting your first million.

Strategies Involving E-mail MarketingE-commerce is very complicated because of the very firm competition in the on the Internet promotion globe, but it has been proven to really be very efficient to promote and increasing the sales and income of any kind of company. Internet companies include a step-by-step process;

• Searching for the best items or services to offer is the first and major thing that should be done. This is one of the most complicated aspects in putting up the company and its best to search from other on the Internet shopping sites and social networking systems about the most popular items are and then make the very crucial decision.

• The next phase is obtaining or acquiring the items that you have decided to promote on the internet. Discover reliable producers and providers of your chosen item while paying attention to all the benefits and drawbacks such as the costs and shipping expenses of each kind of item your company chooses to offer.

• Analysis about your organization’s competitors; figure out as much detail as you can to be able to have a better picture of what you’re up against.

• After your pursuit about your company opponents, it’s a chance to story your company strategy plan to recognize the best ways to promote your item and overthrow the opponents.

• For any kind of company to be reliable, it needs to be properly authorized to the proper state agencies; individuals have become smarter with efforts and they don’t want to be attractive off their valuable cash because of unlawful companies.

• Make a company name that is unique, appropriate and based on the available domains and concentrating on the item sold by your company.

• Make an attractive company brand name and a appealing tagline; individuals will easily recognize you by these simple yet essential information.

• Learn some SEO. Improving the website is very essential to reach more viewers on the internet. Although it would take quite a while for the internet company to be highly enhanced and position on the first web page of popular and highly efficient SERPs, optimizing the site would provide greater benefits especially in developing popular on the internet presence and brand reliability.

• E-mail Marketing is one of the most highly efficient strategies utilized by new business owners to set up successful on the internet companies and for increasing the variety of faithful customers and thereby increasing your company and income even more. Delivering relevant and valuable email promotion to focused viewers improves the possibility of client involvement. But, promoters should always keep in thoughts that the first thing in email promotion is effectively increasing the subscriber lists so that customers are well focused, and sending e-mails may become frustrating to potential customers if done too frequently.

The Right Words To Market Your Web Content

Are you acquainted with the most highly efficient phrase in marketing? It’s not the four-letter phrase generally associated with that declare.

For years, you’ve probably observed that the most highly efficient phrase is “free.” Other individuals will recommend that it’s “sex” or something in the same way salacious. But in reality that no phrase is as efficient at getting interest, developing relationships, and encouraging activities as a simple three-letter pronoun.

The Right Words To Market Your Web ContentIt’s you. Not you individually, but the phrase “you.” And the purpose it performs so well is that we all do take it individually. When someone uses “you” in discussion, you unconsciously improve in the same way you do when you listen to your name.

I’m sure you’ve been at a populated celebration or cafe in which the space buzzed with a stable drone of discussion. When you listen to your name — even if the presenter is dealing with someone across the space who happens to discuss your name — it reduces through the mess as though they yelled at you. That’s why efficient salesmen and client support experts regularly use the titles of individuals with whom they’re communicating. “Now, Invoice, have you regarded an prolonged warranty?” Our minds are wired to improve attention of our environment whenever they identify the audio of our titles.

“You” has a identical impact. It informs our minds that someone is delivering a concept that’s designed particularly for us. So our unconscious prods us to pay nearer interest to the relax of the concept.

“You” is even more efficient because so many organizations and organizations use it occasionally, if at all. If you study their sites and ads, you’ll see that they invest lots of your energy and effort referring to “we” and “us” and “our.” Professionals and professionals have a identical propensity to excessive use “I,” “me,” and “my.”

However, if your objective is to link with and impact someone else, referring to yourself isn’t going to get you as far as referring to them. It does not mean that you can’t discuss what’s important; it’s just that we people usually pay nearer interest when that essential info seems to be about us.

Some individuals are reluctant to use this highly efficient phrase in published interaction because they keep in mind their seventh-grade British instructor barring it. It’s real that when you’re composing a official article or university assignment, you’re not expected to use the second person. So instead of revealing “You need to know about the awesome jungle,” we’re trained to create things like “One needs to know about the awesome jungle.”

But many of the guidelines that regulate educational composing don’t implement to the world outside university. It’s not only appropriate to use “you” in company composing and your day-to-day correspondence; it’s actually far more communicative. In these situations, “one needs to know” comes across as snooty, exaggerated, and somewhat impolite.

Here’s an easy way to estimate how well your web page or ads will link with visitors. Depend how regularly you use “you” and “your” in the duplicate. Then count how regularly you use “we,” “us,” and “our.”